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How Improve Male Fertility Naturally

In fact, There are many ways to improve male fertility, which plays the main role in the fertilization process.

How Improve Male Fertility Naturally

Ways To Improve Male Fertility Naturally

you need to be ready for this task by checking up your health and your lifestyle; including family medical history and risk factors for infections or birth defects.

However, it’s important to realize that fertility in men affected by a variety of factors, related to the lifestyle and to age. Accordingly, male fertility depends mainly on the quality of sperms which are produced by the man. So, any problem in the sperm will affect consequently on his fertility.

It’s possible to improve the situation here if you think you may be suffering from male infertility.

Here are some quick and easy steps that you can do at home:

  • Step One: Healthy food (Watch what you eat):
As we usually say – you are what you eat. This means eating healthy food should become a way of life, not only to improve your fertility but also to get a better life.

As a matter of fact, eating foods that are rich in antioxidants like fruits and vegetables will deactivate the free radicals which can damage the sperm. Also to improve your fertility you have to avoid foods which are rich in trans fats like fried foods and margarine and eat foods which are rich in healthy fats instead.

Make an effort to improve your health and watch what you eat; including quality proteins, plenty of fruit and lots of vegetables and drinks plenty of water to keep hydrated. If the body is healthy then sperm are good.

Eating better will help get your weight under control, And being either overweight or underweight will affect your levels of both estrogen and testosterone.

Otherwise, much more caffeine, smoke, and alcohol have a bad effect on male fertility, So limiting these bad habits is a good decision to get more chances to be a father.

  • Step Two: Being physical activity (Getting a health body):
Of course, practicing physical exercise daily is a wonderful habit. But take care, and don’t make it over to avoid the negative effect of it.

A study was conducted in Denmark on over forty-five thousand of couples who were trying to become parents, and it found that if both partners were obese, they were nearly three times more likely to take more than a year to become pregnant than a couple whose weight was in a healthy weight range.

Most studies refer to that exercises improve health, in particular, the quality of male fertility. However, prolonged intensive exercise may cause negative effects on reproductive hormone levels (Testosterone deficiency), which leads to less sperm and poor sperm motility.

  • Step Three: Stop Smoking and bad habits!
This is a very important change – both men and women should stop smoking when trying to get pregnant. Smoking is bad for general and reproductive health so give it up! Smoking affects male fertility in more than one way, it damages the sperm, means fewer sperms are produced and also affects sperm mobility.

Thus, conception is less likely to happen. Your chances of conceiving a child increase significantly if you both give up smoking. And don’t just give up smoking, if you are trying to improve male fertility – any recreational drugs (even what you consider to be “soft” drugs) and alcohol should be stopped as soon as you decide you are going to try for a baby.

  • Step Four: Relax and take it easy:
Studies found that man who experienced stressful life had a lower percentage of motility and normal sperm compared with another man who didn’t experience a stressful life, or who can control his stress.

This may be a tough one, but take a deep breath and relax! Not always easy in this situation, but stress itself can be a big problem when it comes to conception. Try meditation tapes or yoga to relax and reduce your hormone levels.

You should keep in mind that men’s testicles should remain cooler than the rest of the body. That’s why it is recommended that men stay away from hot baths, sauna, and even tight-fitting clothing.

Taking a walk after a long time sitting on your desk can help the circulation of airflow around this particular body area.

  • Step Five: Stay away from harmful medications.
Low sperm count and poor sperm motility were associated with recreational drugs such as cocaine . At the same time, muscle-building drugs like steroids may improve muscle strength and body endurance, but long term use of these substances may have a negative effect on a man’s sperm volume.
  • Step Six: Hurry up….don’t miss the chance:
If you and your partner under 30 years old and you are planning to convince, don’t hesitate to take this step and don’t delay more. Your chances now to have a baby is more.

In fact, sperm motility decreases with the age, furthermore age not only affected male fertility. It’s also may increase the chances of birth defects, like schizophrenia, and autism.

These are just some of the most useful tips to increase male fertility. Try them and experience the difference they can do in your life. And remember that little changes can make a big difference.
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