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Pregnancy Tests: The Most Accurate And simple

When do I do a Pregnancy Test? Does a home pregnancy test give accurate results? All these questions come to mind when you've wasted your time.
Pregnancy Tests The Most Accurate And simple

Pregnancy tests: the most accurate and simple types

Pregnancy tests are known as physiological tests that can help determine whether a woman is pregnant or not In fact, this test is the first step you need to take to begin your journey to motherhood.

A pregnancy test distinguishes the nearness of the hormone (HCG) in your pee or blood The female body produced this hormone when a fertilized egg binds to the uterus.

In order to simplify travel, however, further development of science offers several possibilities for pregnancy testing, The variety ranges from home pregnancy tests to clinical trials, Here we will discuss the types of pregnancy tests and their properties.

Type 1: Home pregnancy test

This is an easier way to find out if you are pregnant; You can buy it at the pharmacy or supermarket, This test is a pee test that estimates levels of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in your pee.

Home pregnancy tests are very simple, not only when taking a sample, but also to get a result, As a result, you should collect a urine sample and analyze it according to the instructions in the package leaflet supplied with the test kit.

Immediately, you can know the result in the test window as a line, plus sign, or color change depending on the type of test.

As a result, this test is simple, inexpensive, easy to use, and even more than 97 percent accurate, Of course, it is desirable to confirm the same by repeating the test about 2-3 days later, so you can be doubly sure about the results.

The best thing about a home pregnancy test kit is that you can do it in complete privacy without anyone knowing, and you can accurately confirm your pregnancy as soon as 10 days after conception.

Is this type of test correct?

In fact, in order to get the best results from this test, some factors affect the accuracy of the home pregnancy test:

You can take the test approximately one week after losing the period, as the amount of (HCG) increases over time, If you can't wait, it's best to get a second test after a week from the first.

Urine is less diluted in the morning, so taking the test right now is more accurate, if you have a negative result, you can repeat the test a few days later.

However, if you take this test you should know that it is only an early step to know if you are pregnant or not, then if you have a positive result, you should consult a doctor and confirm the test result of another test and begin prenatal care.

Can you reuse a pregnancy test at home?

No, it's not possible to reuse a home pregnancy test, Once used, it is no longer able to detect pregnancy hormones in the urine, These little lines you are trying to see in the hope that it comes with a color-changing dye when you encounter pregnancy hormone If you are not pregnant and use this test, you might think it can be reused because the dye has not been used.

Type 2: Blood pregnancy test :

In case of a positive result in your home pregnancy urine test consequently (even a negative result), you can visit your care provider who will take a blood test for you to be insured of your pregnancy.

Thus, this test will provide your doctor with more information about your pregnancy such as the date of conception by calculating the exact HCG levels in your blood Of course, this test accuracy is 100%.

Type 3: Online pregnancy test:

Thanks to the information technology and the Internet, several sites in existence today, are offering what are termed as ‘online pregnancy tests’.

Here, you are asked to answer a detailed questionnaire After that, you are told if you are or are not pregnant, While this seems interesting, you can never depend on these alone; It is always better to get any of the above-mentioned tests performed.

Medical exam :

Finally, after you made the two main tests, home pregnancy test and blood test, you are now sure that you are pregnant (Or not), Now it’s time for a physical exam made by your doctor, who will confirm your pregnancy and also advise you about what to do and what not to do.
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