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Pregnancy trimesters: The most important milestones

One of the most exciting things about pregnancy travel is observing changes in your body and developing your embryo during pregnancy trimester.
Pregnancy trimesters The most important milestones

Pregnancy quarters: the most important steps

Weeks of pregnancy are counted up to 40 weeks, especially in 30% of cases from day one to birth.

1- First trimester (0-12 weeks):

Knowing that you are pregnant, you should plan a visit to your doctor to perform pregnancy tests

General description:

First, in the first trimester, a single-celled fertilized egg integrates into the uterus and is converted into a small but recognizable embryo with all its main organ systems.

Also, there is an amazing thing that will happen quickly in you, After fertilization, a single egg is divided into a sphere of 58 cells At this point, this ball will reach the uterus where it begins to implant into the lining.

Later, at the end of the first month, you'll have a very young child with an opening of the head and mouth, a pumping heart, and a re-energy brain.

Early symptoms:

At this stage of pregnancy the trimester, the first symptoms of pregnancy begin to appear, With the beginning of the fifth week of pregnancy, you may be affected by nausea at any time of the day, often arriving in the morning with vomiting and another hour without.

You may also have a keen sense of smell, so some smells such as cooking food, cigarettes or even your favorite aroma can cause nausea. So don't forget your monthly doctor's visit and check your weight and blood pressure as a standard pregnancy test.

Even if you feel tired and drowsy and have no experience with pregnancy symptoms, you may think you are sick, you may also feel that your breasts are fuller and heavier.

What's the matter?

During the first trimester, the baby grows and his or her organs develop.

 Even if your child's genitalia has developed, you're still not sure if you have a boy or a girl.

2- Second trimester (13-24 weeks),

When you start the fourth month, the shape of your body begins to change quickly and people start to notice that you're pregnant.

As a result, you will begin to notice some good changes, and your morning disease will decrease. It can be difficult to lie down, it is important to relax as much as possible, continue with the rules of the pregnancy diet, and make sure you receive a lot of water.

In fact, his feeling of back pain; caused by the excess weight it brings with it.

What's going on with the kid?

There are some small changes in the baby's face, the nose is flat and the eyes still dominate the face, the doctor can measure the length of the baby with ultrasound at this point.

Meanwhile, your baby becomes more active, and at the end of the fourth month, you can begin to feel the baby "blow oop" as he moves around the uterus.

Now your baby weighs about two kilos and the eyes work, open and close, As a result, you will notice more and more movements coming from inside the uterus.

Your baby's skeleton starts to harden and their skin also starts to change and has turned pink, now you can see your doctor if your child is a boy or a girl.

3- Third trimester (25-40 weeks)

It's the last weeks of pregnancy, you may begin to notice that you feel breathless that you have sleep problems that you are probably ready to give birth at any time in the third trimester.

Fetal development:

The fetus hears many sounds from its surroundings, is aware of its mother's heart rate, intestinal discomfort, and breathing, as well as pain from the movement of blood through the placenta and umbilical cord.

The fetal digestive system presently develops to where it can completely process and retain supplements from the milk. 

In the 35th seven day stretch of pregnancy, the fetal lung starts to deliver surfactants, a substance that makes it simpler to open packs outside, If the embryo is conceived now, it is ready to inhale without assistance yet will profit by half a month in the belly to put on weight and completely develop. 

Birth arranging: 

The due date is close, however, just 1 youngster during the 20s is brought into the world determined on the termination date toward the start of pregnancy, A date of birth as long as about fourteen days sooner or fourteen days after the fact than anticipated is as yet thought to be ordinary. 

fetal improvement is viewed as complete, and the baby is named a term, Approximately 1 out of 10 were conceived before this stage and are recorded as untimely or "contentam"; The previous he is conceived, the more unpredictable and there are numerous issues. 

Child is preparing to exit: 

What precisely triggers birth, when all is good and well, stays a secret, Changing hormone levels might be included at the same time, progressively, scientists accept the sign to begin work originates from the embryo as opposed to the mother.
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